Wright Stuff

For the written part, it states that each team member will upload a chart of test flights. Is this graph created on the day of the test (using ruler and calculator) or ahead of time and if so can it be computer generated?

Answer: Yes the graphs may be computer generated.

Is it really necessary for students to wear safety goggles for throwing a paper airplane outdoors? Also, it seems the event is to see how long the plane can stay in the air, but then in the minimum requirements for the chart, it mentions distance as well. I thought they only had to predict length of time. Can you please clarify? Thanks!!!

Answer: Yes eye protection in the form of safety glasses or goggles is a must.

Answer: It is important that students become used to collecting all types of data. Distances are a part of data collection for this event.

Does the flight have to be indoors? If not, how does one account for the slope of the ground and wind? [Limited indoor space might be a problem for this year's event!!]

Answer: All flights must occur on level ground.