Mission Possible

Rules update: Quarters of any year and 1 marble 22 millimeters or less were inadvertently left of the supply list. The quarters are the start and end of the chain reaction and the marble is to help trigger the reactions.

The section entitled “2021 Safety” seems to be referencing the chopper challenge as there is no flight portion for the Rube Goldberg building. That being said, is the machine supposed to be built during the time of the Olympiad? Or is it constructed before and the children describe it and video it during the Olympiad? 2) In the list of materials allowed it does not mention a marble or any other sort of rolling instrument. It also does not mention a quarter but quarters are noted in the Competition section. Could you please ask if marbles are indeed allowed and, if so, what their specifications must be?

Answers: We were made aware of the inadvertent rules left from another year. These rules were updated during the week of February 21. Make sure you are viewing the most recent rule book dated February 25, 2021.

For the build events, is there any size limitation for the video? Also, do they only have to record the final portion of their build event?

Answer: For this event we want a video of the student explanation of how their device will run from start to finish and from before the initial start to the end when the quarter lands outside the device area. Size limits will be posted if needed.

Can we use a pencil to draw on cardboard that we will cut out? Can we use a Straight Edge to cut out cardboard in straight lines?

Answers: When using the pencil make sure that the team number is clearly marked. Yes you may use a straight edge to guide your cuts.

Can you tape the quarter to a piece of string? Have the quarter start out side the contraption taped to a string and swing quarter wound around a pencil till it starts the next action transfer. 2) Can you use more than the 2 quarters at the start and finish? Quarters aren’t on the supply list but they are listed in the rules as part of the contraption.

Answer: The rules specifically say that the first quarter must be dropped. Swinging the quarter or attaching string would be a tier violation.

Are we only allowed to use the materials listed in this section “Each Team Member May Use: “ from the manual? Can we use a rubber band or domino pieces or a paper cup etc. to support the chain reaction ?

Answer: Teams may only use the materials listed.

Can I use a box with 3 sides and the base. Like a target box but with 1 open side for filming? 2- Can I use the back of the box as well as the front?

Answer: You may use all three sides and the bottom of the box. All of your chain reactions must occur inside the three sided box.

What is time limitation for the actual build. Must the building be complete by 9:30 or do they have time after 9:30 to complete the build so long as the video is uploaded by 10:30?

Answer: Teams may use all the time as log as their upload begins before 10:30.

In the rules manual under "Parent Involvement" it states, "Parents may help in the cutting of parts but may not help with the assembly of devices". Is my understanding parents are allowed to cut on the day of competition correct?


It is noted in the manual that, we cannot use any type of weight. I am not sure how can we make a pulley without any sort of weight. Can we use an eraser as a form of weight?

Answer: No other items may be used other than those listed in the updated rules or on this clarifications page.