Describe It, Build It.

Will the object to describe/build be in the 3D design mode only as opposed to showing the object in brick or block mode? Will the objects for building be any items in the 3D design shapes drop down list including Shape Generators, Circuits, and Printables? Will builders need to be able to resize shapes or will any shapes used to build the object be kept in their original size.

Answer: All objects needed are a list in the Basic Shapes, Text and Numbers, Characters, and Connectors. These shapes may be mixed together to create other objects.

However, as per the VASO rules Describe it Build it, should have maximum of 2 students. Scilympiad doesn't allow more than one person for Write it CAD it. Will this be the case for April 10th as well?

When assigning this event you will have one student as the Writer and one as the Builder. These are set up as individual events for these students.

There will be a practice day for this event. Most likely on March 27. More to follow.