Circuit Lab

The following has been added to the Circuit Lab rules.


· Part 1: (50%) Teams receive a ranking for the most points scored on the written test. (Higher is better).

· Part 2: (50%) Teams receive a ranking for the completion of their Tinkercad build. Partial credit may be given for incomplete builds.

Circuit Lab is listed as "All Test" but then the directions include a test and a build component. Please clarify? Also what test is supposed to be submitted for review on 3/13?

Answer: The All Test is listed on the event schedule so that teams know what time they are testing. There is a written test and the building of of an electrical circuit. The review of tests is only for event supervisors. Students do not need to worry about this.

For Circuit Lab, if the team members are asked to build a circuit using tinker cad, 1. is an adult supposed to video tape their activity 2. is each team member building the circuit individually ? or one person builds and the other helps 3. If it is multiple design diagrams by all team members or single diagram by whole team, where are we supposed to upload ? If so, are we supposed to upload the only the diagram picture or the entire video ?


  1. No video taping is needed. The students will be building within a Tinkercad classroom. The event supervisors will have access to the student builds.

2. Both students will build their own circuit. They may have the same contact with each other as the rules allow.

3. At this time it is not expected that students will be drawing a diagram of their build.

4. There is no upload needed for this event.