Chopper Challenge

For Chopper Challenge some of the units are listed to be in feet and some are listed to be in meters. The rules state "estimate of the amount of feet per seconds their ““chopper”” will stay aloft." The students can collect the data for the drop height, time of descent and then calculate the rate of descent in m/s but it is not accurate to say that their chopper will stay aloft in ft/s or m/s as that would be a calculated value. Please clarify units and expected values to be provided/calculated.

Answer: Students will not calculate the descent in meters per second. The event supervisors will.

For the build events, is there any size limitation for the video? Also, do they only have to record the final portion of their build event?

Answer: For this event we want a video of the dropping of the chopper to its final resting stop. Size limits will be posted if needed.