The Wright Stuff

2019 Clarifications

  1. Please clarify what is meant by the type of plane they will ask the students to construct during the construction phase?
      • Students may make any design except a paper ball. This is an endurance event this year. The sentence "The Event Supervisor will inform the teams of the type of plane they are to construct." is left over from when this event was either a distance or time of flight event.
  2. Is the flight chart mandatory? If yes what information is required in there?
      • Yes. From the rules: The chart must be on 8 ½ x 11 inch size paper and contain a minimum or 5 launches for both distance and time.
  3. It is mentioned that there is a written test. But there are no sample topics mentioned on which related questions will be asked?
      • The test will cover basic concepts or flight.
  4. It says 30 mins for the entire event. The construction phase is 15 mins. Is the remaining 15 mins for flight phase or written test? Pls clarify
      • There are multiple teams competing in this event. Each team will fly their plane separately from the other teams. Because of this we will need 30 minutes to hold the event.
      • The written test will take place during the building phase.
  5. The longest flight wins or the flight time close to the estimated time given wins? Person A estimates 11secs and flight was 12 secs. The
  • Scoring:
      • The Event Supervisor will place teams based on the longest timed flight to the nearest 1/100 of a second.
      • The Event Supervisor will place teams based on the differences between the actual flight time and their estimated flight time.
      • The Event Supervisor will place teams based on their scores on the written test.
      • Any rules violation will result in that team being ranked behind all other teams.
      • The Event Supervisor will average each teams’ three placements to decide on the final team placements.

6. The instructions under "The Competition" Bullet 1 states: The Event Supervisor will inform the teams of the type of plane they are to construct. Is there guidance somewhere on the types of planes the students should be capable of building?

      • See clarification 1.

7. I have read the Wright Stuff (Div A) information but cant find anything about what the written test is supposed to cover? I am guessing aerodynamics but more clarity would be great.

      • The written test will have between 10 and 29 questions about the basics of man made flight.

8.1) How are the kids going to launch the plane for their build event like launch by force of hand or leave them from a height or such? 2) How much space do they have to fly their plane such as a big rectangular hall of some size or such?

      • Question 1 is written within the rules.
      • Question 2 will depend on the space we are given by the school to use. We know that at Langley will will have a space that is approximately 60' by 45' with a ceiling height of approximately 12 feet, or we will have an outdoor space if the weather is nice. We requested the use of the gym at Rachel Carson but have not received our final room numbers. (11-3-2109)