Straw Egg Drop

2019 Clarifications

1. Tissues were left off of the rules by mistake. Each team will receive 2 tissues (The kind you blow your nose with).

The rules for this year have changed. ALL teams must use the tissue as a parachute.

      1. In the description, kleenex paper is listed, however it is not in the "Teams need to bring" or "Materials provided a the event". If it is an item that will be used during the event (whether the teams bring or it is provided) is there a limit on the number students can use?
      2. The list of materials provided at the event does not include tissue paper. I assume that is an oversight. what kind of tissue paper will be provided and what type? (Kleenex, large sheets?). Thanks
      3. The Description sections mentions Kleenex papers but the Materials provided at the event: section does not include Kleenex papers. Can you please confirm how many Kleenex papers will be provided?

2. Can we use one tisue for ziplock and one for the parachute.

        • I am worried about your question. Since no tape may touch, and you may not open the baggie, how will you use it with the baggie? Read the rules carefully.

3. Is the General Purpose Thread similar to sewing thread, or is it thicker like twine or yarn?

        • Sewing thread.

4. How long are the straws that will be provided?

        • 18.415 centimeters