2019 Clarifications

1. 1. Will the measurements be in Feet/Yards OR meters? 2. About how long will the course be (1/2 mile, 1 mile, 3 miles, etc.) 3. Will the event be more in an open lot, or in a forest/wooded environment, or something else? 4. About how many waypoints will there be on the course? 5. Can each student have one compass (2 total), or must they share 1 compass?

        • 1. All measurements are in meters.
        • 2 & 3. The course is indoors and at will be about 500 meters. Each team will have a different course.
        • 3. No, the rules state a compass.

2. IOF symbols are different from USGS symbols. Which ones will be used in the maps and instructions?

        • 1. The written test will cover symbols on a USGS topographic map. The markers on the course will be orange and white.