Describe it. Build it.

2019 Clarifications

  1. Is the builder allowed to ask the describer questions? Thank you.
      • Yes. There will be a divider between the students so this is the only way they will be able to communicate.

2. Can the describer pick up and/or hold the object?

      • No.

3. Will the builder be able to see the object the entire time they are describing or will the describer need to memorize it?

      • The builder will only see the object after their time is up. The describer will see the object the entire time.

4. Can the describer draw a pictures of the object or only can describe using words and no schema?

      • Only verbal information may pass between the students.

5. How many questions can the builder ask and will it be in written or verbal form?

      • The builder may ask as many questions as they want within the time limit. Only verbal answers will be given.

6. Rules indicates the event Describe it build it - is held for 30 minutes. however the competition section indicates only 5 minutes are allotted. Can you explain this?

      • Within the 30 minutes 5 teams will compete. Each team will have 5 minutes. Only one team may be in the competition room at a time.

7. Can the describer see the object while describing or will they have to memorize how it looks?

      • See clarification #3.

8. Do the kids choose the role they want to be or they will be randomly assigned a task during competition?Thanks.

      • The students will choose their roles.