2019 Clarifications

1. this event does not have any link to any "possible resources" listed. Is it on purpose or missed?

      • There are many resources about this event listed with Division B and C Science Olympiad. A caution is that this event does not use glue and the only wood are the craft sticks.

2. What are the sizes of the materials that will be provided at the event, including width and length of craft sticks and width of masking tape

      • This information will be given to the students at the beginning of thier building phase.

3. Hello! The rules say that "Teams with the longest boomilever that holds for the longest time" win, but do they rank "longest time" first or "longest boomilever" first. For example, if one team has 1 foot boomilever that breaks in 2 seconds, and another team has 2 feet boomilever and breaks in 1 second, which one will win? Thanks!

      • Based on your scenario and the rules the team with the 1 foot boomilever will score above the 2 foot boomilever for the building phase.