3rd Grade

Tower Building

2019 Clarifications

  1. Please clarify on the Tower Building if straws can be cut. The directions in bold indicate “for safety reasons craft sticks will not be cut.” Please clarify whether craft sticks refers to straws as this is the only time mentioned .
      • Craft sticks will not be used in this event.

2. Please clarify if paper straws can be cut in Tower Building.

      • Yes. In any shape or size the students want.

3. There is also a written part of the event that is worth 50% of the credit. Like the study events, are we allowed to bring cheat sheets, or are the cheat sheets only for the study events?

      • No. It is not listed as an option in the rules.

4. Can you please clarify if bending the straws will be allowed?

      • Yes.

5. Can we attach the straws together or should they be attached with the masking tape?

      • Straws may be attached together and even inserted into each other in the competitors wish to build that way.

6. When will be the written test given, during - construction phase or after the challenge phase?

      • The students will receive all their materials and test at the beginning of thier working time.

7. Can the masking tape be used to attach straws (i.e., the base of the tower) to the table?

      • The device must be free standing.
      • As stated in the rules: The tower may not be placed so that it is supported in any way by any horizontal or vertical obstruction. No sticky part of the tape may touch the top or sides of the flat surface.